For a distinctive and memorable experience while exploring Sri Lankas natural wonders paying a visit to Kudumbigala Sanctuary is something that must be on your list. Located in Ampara district at approximately a distance of 22km from Panama town this vast wildlife reserve covering over an area of roughly 6,500 hectares harbors various exotic species of flora and fauna that simply leave one mesmerized.

Amidst growing concerns surrounding human intervention on animal life and habitats, Kudumbigala Sanctuary was constructed in 1969 as a safe refuge for elephants and other species facing threatening conditions. Today this stunningly scenic location is recognized as one of the best spots to see wild elephants freely roaming about within their natural surroundings along with an impressive selection of neighboring wildlife including leopards, sloth bears deer monkeys crocodiles peacocks and more. Enjoy your visit amongst the breathtaking imagery featuring rocky hillsides grassy plains woodlands marshes.

Inscribed in history, Kudumbigala Sanctuary entices tourists with its magnificent Buddhist monastery harking back from 200 BC. A haven for peace-seekers, this holy abode contains over two hundred rock caves which provided residence to monastic orders seeking solitude for meditation and contemplation. Visitors can explore these tranquil confines adorned with rich murals and carvings that depict cultural as well as historical occurrences of ancient times. Once atop the highest cliff, a gorgeous white stupa greets visitors with an unobstructed view of nature in all her splendour.

Kudumbigala Sanctuary is a perfect destination for nature lovers, adventure seekers and culture enthusiasts. You can visit the sanctuary by hiring a jeep or a bike from Panama or Arugam Bay, or by joining a guided tour. You can also stay overnight at one of the eco-lodges or campsites that are available in the area. However you choose to explore Kudumbigala Sanctuary, you will surely have an amazing time and create lasting memories.

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