In case you’re searching for a shoreline getaway merely a stone’s throw away from both Colombo and the airport, combined with an affluent cultural legacy, and an extensive selection of entertainment options and places to explore, make no mistake – Negombo Beach it is.

Negombo Beach is located just 10km from Bandaranaike International Airport, making it easily accessible by taxi or bus. Negombo is also only 6km away from Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, where you can enjoy shopping, dining, and sightseeing.

Think sun-kissed beaches with pristine sands are few and far between? Think again: Negombo Beach simply epitomizes everything exotic island escapes should entail- complete with long stretches of golden sand ideal for lounging about on as well as energizing dips into crystal clear waters within its vicinity . In addition to aquatic activities such as boating or jet skiing exploration within its surrounding lagoon environs highlighting mangrove swamps boasting diverse rare species,inclusive of avian wonders.If water sports aren’t enough to entice your inner daredevil,the beach area is also home to many enticing outdoor leisure options including fishing ventures,and no holds bar diving expeditions allowing you to experience these vibrant surroundings from differing perspectives.

Negombo Beach provides more than just relaxation – it also grants an immersive learning experience. With roots tracing back to its prominence during the colonial era – particularly as a hub for trading exports such as ivory, ceramics and spices – exploring Negombo exposes tourists to cultural influences from Portugal ,The Netherlands and Great Britain still evident in its famous structures today. The significance of this location is undeniable: tourists should make it their priority to visit key historical spots such as The Dutch Fort-encompassing elements dated since 1672 however currently used solely as a Prison-, navigating through The Dutch Canal mainly used formerly for movement of goods and people- as well as The Dutch Cemetery where the tombstones of colonial settlers form one of the notable attractions.

The picturesque Negombo Beach lays claim to some of Sri Lanka’s most breathtakingly beautiful and historically significant churches in existence today . Named “Little Rome,” thanks to its sizable Catholic community along with an abundant amount of churches highlighting divergent styles and changing forms of artistic expression spanned through various eras . There , visitors can take pleasure in experiencing the grandeur behind St.Marys’ Church – The biggest cathedral within this region, merely one example from many showcasing an inspiring ceiling artwork ; As well as reflecting on history itself with a journey through Gothic-styled iterations such as St.Sebastian’s church- built respectfully to commemorate Negombo’s martyrs. If this isn’t enough, one may also visit St .Anthony’s Church; an attraction popular with devoutly religious pilgrims from all regions of the country .

Negombo Beach is a perfect destination for tourists who want to experience the best of Sri Lanka’s beach life, culture, and history. Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway or an exciting adventure, Negombo Beach has something for everyone.

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