Love & Paradise: Sri Lanka’s Eternal Bond

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Experience the epitome of romance and embark on a journey of love and serenity with our exclusive Wedding & Honeymoon tour package in beautiful Sri Lanka. From ancient historical sites to breathtaking landscapes, this 11-day itinerary is carefully crafted to create cherished memories with your beloved. Allow us to take care of the details as you explore the enchanting destinations hand-in-hand, savoring romantic moments that will last a lifetime.

Colombo: A City of Romance & Adventure
Begin your romantic escapade in Colombo, the bustling capital of Sri Lanka. Stroll along the picturesque Galle Face Green, experience the tranquility of Gangaramaya Temple, and immerse yourselves in the charm of Independence Square. Discover love amid the vibrant markets and relish the exquisite local cuisine, setting the perfect tone for your romantic adventure.

Sigiriya – Lion Rock: Majestic Love in Ancient Ruins
Unveil the ancient mystery of Sigiriya, an iconic rock fortress steeped in history and splendor. Climb to the top of the Lion Rock together, admiring panoramic views and exploring the fascinating frescoes. Embrace the majesty of ancient ruins and the intimacy of this awe-inspiring location.

Polonnaruwa & Minneriya: Love Amidst History & Wildlife
Delve into the historic city of Polonnaruwa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as you wander hand-in-hand amidst architectural wonders. Witness the love and devotion captured in the Gal Vihara’s rock-cut Buddha statues. In the wilderness of Minneriya National Park, embrace the thrill of a jeep safari, where you’ll encounter majestic elephants and abundant wildlife, creating cherished memories together.

Kandy: Cultural Heart & Love’s Journey
Kandy, the cultural heart of Sri Lanka, awaits with its sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic. Partake in a mesmerizing traditional dance performance, symbolizing the island’s rich heritage. A leisurely stroll around the picturesque Kandy Lake sets the stage for an unforgettable journey of love together.

Nuwara Eliya: Hill Country Romance
Discover the picturesque beauty of Nuwara Eliya, lovingly called “Little England.” Visit a tea plantation and factory, learning about the art of tea-making, a symbol of Sri Lanka’s hospitality. Drift on Gregory Lake in a boat for two, surrounded by the captivating beauty of the hills, kindling a sense of togetherness.

Train Journey to Ella: A Love-Fueled Adventure
Embark on an enchanting train journey from Nuwara Eliya to Ella, where you’ll be mesmerized by breathtaking vistas of tea plantations, waterfalls, and mist-covered mountains. Experience the thrill of adventure as you arrive in Ella, a place of serenity, where love blossoms amid nature’s wonders.

Yala National Park Safari: Wilderness Romance
Discover the wild side of love in Yala National Park, a realm of untamed wilderness and extraordinary wildlife. Together, embark on a thrilling jeep safari, with opportunities to spot leopards, elephants, and more, as you immerse yourselves in the wonders of nature.

Mirissa: Beach Bliss & Whales
The idyllic coastal town of Mirissa beckons with its sandy shores and romantic beaches. Witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of whales and dolphins during a thrilling boat tour (seasonal). Indulge in a candlelit beachside dinner, adding the perfect touch of romance to your journey.

Relaxation & Departure: Forever Together
Savor a day of leisure in Mirissa, cherishing the memories you’ve created during your wedding and honeymoon in Sri Lanka. As the sun sets on this unforgettable adventure, depart from Colombo, carrying with you the warmth of shared experiences and the promise of a love-filled future together.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB), Colombo
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the departure.
Tour Fare
Professional guide
Entrance fees
Guide gratuity

11 Days – 10 Nights

Day 1: Arrival in Colombo

Day 2: Colombo City Tour

Day 3: Sigiriya – Lion Rock

Day 4: Polonnaruwa & Minneriya

Day 5: Kandy – Cultural Hub

Day 6: Nuwara Eliya – Hill Country

Day 7: Train Journey to Ella

Day 8: Yala National Park Safari

Day 9: Mirissa – Beach & Whales

Day 10: Mirissa – Departure

Day 11: Airport


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